3 is the magic number

December 12, 2010

Or not so magical in this case.. DVD case..

Today my friend came round to drop off my birthday present; I was expecting your typical teen girl, cupcake-themed birthday present but no. He got me..

The SJA series 3 boxset ^_^
rawr rawr

So that not only means I can watch now 3 serieses (is that a word? :/) of SJA when I’m on holiday where they probably don’t have BBC. I can also do a blog post on all 3 boxsets 😀
Compare and contrast yo!

In a previous post about the series 3 boxset, the picture had a sticker thing on it with writing about The Doctor and I didn’t know whether that was a sticker or printed on, like the ‘from the creators of Doctor Who’ thing on the series 1 boxset. Thankfully it’s a sticker; mine lives on the back of my phone 🙂

If my phone had feelings I don't know whether it would be happy to have David Tennant on its back or sad because I kinda watercolour painted over it O.o

my fingers so skeletal there.. I’m normal I swear xD .. @_@

Annnyway so on with the reviews! 😀

With the first and second boxsets I didn’t see an issue with the number of disks; series 1 has a mega 4 disks, while series 2 has 3. However they both have the same amount of footage and special features. I didn’t think this would be any different with series 3; opening up the box to see just 2 disks made me a bit doubtful but I remembered series 2 had special features on every disk.

The series 3 episodes are crammed into 2 disks; each disk is the same with 3 episodes. With both series 1 and 2 there are just 2 episodes on each disk (except for the Invasion of the Bane (series 1) disk as it was a special episode, therefore pushing The Lost Boy into a fourth disk on its own) which can be annoying if you need to switch disks and wait for the 2Entertain and BBC bits to pass.

Menu and Special Features
I watched a bit of The Wedding of SJ to begin with, and the quality seems meh. It’s been a while but I’m sure the definition was better on BBC HD when it aired than on the DVD. The first disk’s menu is very simple; play all, episodes, set up. The second disk is a bit better; it has a special feature; an extract of The White Wolf audiobook. I didn’t listen to it; I will buy the audiobook sometime but I don’t want to listen and get left on a cliffhanger. And that’s it for special features of series 3. With all the behind-the-scenes videos the offical website (see blogroll) is brimming with, you’d think they could have put a couple of them up. Series 2’s special features are spread through out the boxset- a quiz takes you to the Comic Relief Special and there’s interviews riddled in there too. Series 1 even has outtakes.

Coolness of Boxes
My favourite actual box is definitely Series 1. It’s like Mr. Smith opening up, it’s so cool. Series 2 comes in second, it’s a lot more Sarah Jane’s attic-y with magnifying glasses and photos. The Series 3 box has a normal, 2-disk DVD case inside the main cover and the design is exactly the same on both the cover and the DVD case. Inside it has the photos like on Series 2 but nothing like a collage.

Bottom Line
All three boxsets are obviously great; it’s Sarah Jane Adventures!! xD I love the series 3 boxset, don’t get me wrong, but the total lack of special features and the apparent lack of effort put into the actual boxset was a bit of a letdown. Nevertheless, I’m sure these disks will be a great boredom-buster for the plane. Good present for a friend who’s a fan of the show 🙂

Lastly, did a wee search just now and found this:

So now I don’t have to learn techy stuff to upload what I recorded 😀

Unless there’s some big news between now and Friday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! And if you were reading SJA News a bit earlier in the year, thank you for breaking my views record 🙂

SJA News 🙂


Guess Who’s Back ;)

December 2, 2010

So I don’t really have an excuse for not posting and I don’t think an apology justifies my absence 😦 I’m still to watch the finale (:O) and I need to get the series 3 boxset, you can buy it here 🙂
SJA was nomiated for a Children’s BAFTA, the site’s a bit confuddling (for me) but they didn’t win, according to the scrolly bar at the top. Maybe I’m just not a kid anymore or kids have some bad taste, because the only winner I’ve seen is Club Penguin xD The page is here.
Tommy Knight’s going to be in series 5! The GB thread’s here 😛
Head over to sarah-jane.tv for a load of interviews.
I won’t be able to update much for a while; I will if there’s news but I’m off to New Zealand (woo!) for almost a month, with no internet access. How I’ll survive I have no idea whatsoever..

SJA News 😛



November 23, 2010

New post coming tomorrow hopefully, I’m still to watch the finale (I’m betting it’ll be really good) so I’ll review it and try to get in a series quiz 😉


Long time no see..?

November 5, 2010

Let’s start with an apology: I am sorry for not reviewing, posting or updating you with episodes, opinions and news.
Now that that’s out of the way, what a series!! (I mean the apology, not the series) We’ve had Androvax back, some weird Vulture things who call themselves the Shansheeth, The DOCTOR and an empty city with Robots! However I haven’t been taking as much interest in this series as the last one; no racing home (I’ve actually been forgetting about it :O) or second watchings (so far). Which is weird because it genuinely is a really good series..
The Vault of Secrets (with Androvax) didn’t make complete sense to me, but because of this, I was pretty much glued to the screen making sure I understood everything I could. I guess there was so much information and mystery in the beginning that just gave the ‘whaaaaat?!’ factor. It needs a second watching, great episode though. 🙂
I don’t really feel Death of the Doctor needs much said about it to be honest; such a strong episode. The one thing that did annoy me was Sarah Jane and Jo Grant’s need to hug in every scene xD I guess it could show the bond between them after such a short time or something :/
The Empty Planet is a strange one. I loved part 1 soo much; there’s something about situations that will never happen; zombie acopolypses, what happened in 28 days later, empty planets, that people (or certainly I) would secretly like to happen. In a dream, at least 🙂 So because of this, the scenario in part 1 I LOVED. It was just when part 2 was watched I started disliking it; part 1 had such a good flow and part 2 was just rushed and had the feeling that there’d been this huge build up, everyone’s disappeared, to the climax being finding the ‘son and heir’.
I’m still to check the Sarah Jane Adventures website to see if anything’s interesting’s happened, and Gallifrey Base is slightly dead at the mo :l
The finale’s coming out on my birthday, pretty chuffed ^_^ and for mon anniversaire I’m maybe getting the series 3 boxset, so more reviews! Yay
Now I’ll end this post with a bit of a brag, so I may have met a few YouTubers at the weekend.. ^_^

ta-dahh, charlieissocoollike 😀

That be all from me,

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Oh Dear :’O

October 27, 2010

I am a bad fan, especially as I’m supposed to be SJA-obsessed! Last week, with The Vault of Secrets (?) (okay, I can’t even remember episode names.. fail) I remembered it was on just before it started, and on Monday this week I completely forgot about the episode, so I never watched Tuesday’s episode either..
Gallifrey Base hasn’t been checked in forever so I’ll pull up my socks tomorrow and hopefully finish this quiz that’s been a tab on my Firefox for forever 😛
SJA News :S



October 13, 2010

(sorry for the late edit with the picture, super busy)

Ok, I’m just going to put this out there: there was a definite lump in my throat at the end of Sarah Jane today.. and the music really didn’t help.

Yesterday (I started writing this Tuesday), with intentions of baking fairy cakes and icing them, much like last year:

My friend Eilidh and I got slightly sidetracked.. we were on the way to the newsagent’s down the road, when we noticed some mannequins. Yep. Like these. Behind a huge bin. Took a couple of photos, then went on to the newsagent, bought sweets (and an Irn Bru slushie.. only in Scotland :P), went back to the bin, picked up one mannequin each and ran. Well, I’d like to say ran, but we were carrying a heck of a load of sweets. We walked briskly.) So yeah. The reason why we never iced the fairy cakes awesomely and gave them faces or anything is because we randomly found mannequins behind a bin.

Opinion of The Nightmare Man? It was weird. Really well done, they could’ve thought of a better way of beating him though. I still don’t really get how they defeated him O.o The episode moved fast and felt like they’d crammed the important stuff into the second episode and the less important stuff took up more time. Other than that, though, all positives- the acting was amazzing and the Nightmare Man was so creepy! He seriously freaked me out; and the fact that we didn’t see his face until the party added so much dramatic effect *shudder*
I was so convinced I would cry at the end; Luke’s my favourite character (I know, it’s mean to have favourites, yadda yadda) and this had better not be the last time we see him.

Short (but sweet? *hopeful*) review, I’ll leave you to make up your own minds about the episode. To celebrate 4,000 views (because of a record 98 views yesterday (Tuesday)), I’ll be making a quiz on The Nightmare Man, or the first 2 episodes. As in The Nightmare Man and next week’s episode.

That be all from me,
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Pictures! TMi! Countdown! Ahh!

October 9, 2010

(there seems to be some sort of Sarah Jane bonanza goin’ down on iPlayer, but you know, meh.)
First things first. I started making a post, with 6 days to go till series 4, about there being 6 days to go until series 4. After the first sentence, I realised that was pretty stupid and decided to wait until there was some actual solid news to write about. Friday comes and BAM! a friend texts me saying the Sarah Jane Adventures gang are on the Cbbc channel! Lolwut? So there was me, jumping up and down at a certain The Nightmare Man preview! (there are also less members in Scouting For Girls than I had thought from listening to the music, may I just add.)
And now today, as I’m casually going through the Photoshop Thread, I noticed a few new-looking pictures.. so literally 10 minutes ago (finding TMi on iPlayer excitement took a wee bit of time), I discovered this goldmine:

More goo!

and just quite a few more over here. 😉

Now, at the time of writing this post, there are 2 days, 1 hour left to go..

Part One:
Oct 11 at 17:15 on CBBC
Oct 13 at 16:30 on BBC Two

Part 2 will air:
Oct 12 at 17:15 on CBBC
Oct 14 at 16:30 on BBC Two

And it’ll be on the iPlayer.

Then watch the rest of the series because it’s absolutely fantastic.

Tell the world you’re attemding here.

Aaaand that’s about it, I’ll post pictures, trailers, whatevers up as soon as I find them. Thinking of another nerdy wee party/ fairy cake eatathon followed by a review.. we’ll see 😛

SJA News 😀