Hi there!

June 6, 2009

Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully people will visit this site to find out any news about  my favourite tv show, the Sarah Jane Adventures! Today’s top stories are:

Sarah Jane Adventures series 3 is coming out this Autumn, and the buzz is that Doctor Who will be starring in it! Series 3 was going to be cancelled because of budget cuts but the show’s back on, thankfully. According to Wikipedia, series 3 has already started with ‘Love from Raxocoricofalopatorius’, the 5-minute Comic Relief special on 13th March 2009. It’s available to watch on Youtube if you missed it.

Hopefully in series 3, Sarah Jane and the gang will visit Maria in America because Maria asked them to at the beginning of ‘series 2, in The Last Sontaran’.

The next episodes are on CBBC  tomorrow at 5pm and 5:30pm, ‘The Day of the Clown’ part 1 at 5pm and part 2 at 5:30pm.

More news tomorrow! 😀


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