Mark of the Berserker plot outline

June 18, 2009

I promised I would bring you the basic plot outline and it’s a bit later than I meant to post it, but never mind! Here it is…

A boy called Jacob goes crazy because of a pendant and leaves it in the toilets, where Rani picks it up. Luke goes over to Clyde’s house for the weekend because Sarah-Jane’s going to Tarminster. Rani finds out that she can control her dad and other people with the pendant. She leaves it in Sarah-Jane’s attic.

Clyde’s dad turns up out of the blue and takes Clyde out for the day. Clyde takes him up to the attic and his dad steals the pendant and kidnaps Clyde. Rani and Luke contact Maria to help them get Clyde back, who doesn’t remember them…


Sarah Jane Adventures News 😀



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