New series of Torchwood on every night this week!

July 8, 2009

The new series of Torchwood was on Monday and Tuesday nights and will be continuing on BBC1 at 9pm every working day this week! Unfortunately it won’t be on next week. In case you’ve missed the previous two episodes, here’s the basic plot outline, or alternatively they can be watched on BBCiPlayer at www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer and click on Torchwood ‘Children of Earth’.

I’m just going to write a very basic plot outline, and I’ll try not to give anything away!

DAY ONE: The children ‘stop’ at 8:40, then again mid-day, saying ‘we are coming’. All the adults take their children home from school. Torchwood discover that every child in the world was speaking English, including one man, who was traumatised back in the ’50s.

DAY TWO: Gwen and Ianto go into hiding after the explosion because the government is trying to kill them. Jack has been captured, but because he can’t be killed, he can only be ‘contained’. The government is building the chamber for the aliens, who have spoken through the children again: ‘we are coming tomorrow’.

Hopefully more Sarah Jane Adventures news coming soon, but nothing to speak of yet, as there are no episodes coming up.

Sarah jane Adventures News 😀



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