Sarah Jane Adventures filming finished

August 5, 2009

Filming for the Sarah Jane Adventures series 3 (4 months of it) has finished, so now we just wait until September for the new series to be aired! 🙂

Sarah Jane and the Doctor met each other again today in Doctor Who ‘School Reunion’. this episode is set before the Sarah Jane Adventures, when Sarah Jane decides to stop waiting for the Doctor and carry on battling aliens by herself, hooray! Sarah Jane and the Doctor meet again in ‘Journeys End’, the finale to Doctor Who series 4, which will be shown in a few weeks.

Tom Baker will be starring in ‘audio adventures’ of Doctor Who in an episode called ‘Hornet’s Nest’. Read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/s4/news/latest/090730_news_01

And finally… the episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures that Sarah Jane gets married in (and the episode that David Tennant aka Doctor Who will be starring in) is called ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith’. This title is a lot like ‘Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?’ (series 1) and ‘The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith’ (series 2). Maybe it’s like a tradition for each series!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 🙂



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