Sarah Jane Adventures Audiobooks!

August 14, 2009

I was having a look at Amazon this morning and saw these:

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Shadow People (Audiobook)

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The White Wolf (Audiobook)

The Sarah Jane Adventures: series 2 (DVD)


The series 2 DVD isn’t actually available until 9th November 2009, and the audiobooks don’t have a confirmed release date yet. There’s more information about these audiobooks on sarahjanetv.blogspot.com, which is a great site all about the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Also online I found a whole series of Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks that I didn’t even know existed! So take a look. 🙂

And finally I’m trying to work out how to get pictures on here to make it more interesting.


Sarah Jane Adventures News 😀




  1. Keep up the great work, your blog looks amazingly well-made 🙂 Sadly not entirely sure how you upload images on wordpress, but a quick google search found these:


    Hope you find ‘en helpful. Thanks for following the show, I respected committed fans highly 🙂 Besties x

    • Thanks! The second link looks very useful. 😀

  2. And er, apologies for the typos – I’m falling asleep at the computer, lolz.

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