Sarah Jane Adventures bonanza!

August 24, 2009

I just checked the Sarah Jane Adventures website for upcoming episodes, and saw that they’re showing the entire first series again… in one day! Unfortunately it’s on 31st August, which is a holiday for the whole of the UK except Scotland. D:

Here’s the list:

(31st August)

9am Invasion of the Bane

10am Revenge of the Slitheen part 1

10.30am Revenge of the Slitheen part 2

11am Eye of the Gorgon part 1

11.30am Eye of the Gorgon part 2

12pm Warriors of Kudlak part 1

12.30pm Warriors of Kudlak part 2

1pm Whatever happened to Sarah Jane? part 1

1.30 Whatever happened to Sarah Jane? part 2

2pm The lost boy part 1

2.30pm The lost boy part 2

And at 2.50 Invasion of the Bane is on again.


The nuns closing in on Clyde, Sarah Jane and Luke in 'Eye of the Gorgon!'

The nuns closing in on Clyde, Sarah Jane and Luke in 'Eye of the Gorgon!'

So have fun those who can watch the SJA bonanza!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 🙂



Also yesterday (24th August) Sarah Jane Adventures News got the most views its ever had in a day! So hooray! 😉



  1. Guessing you’re Scottish, then? 🙂 You’re on summer break anyway, right? Unless you have work like me ^_^

    • No I just live in Scotland :/ I used to live in Kent but I moved here. But I’m back at school because kids in Scotland go on holiday 2 weeks earlier than the rest of the UK so I’ve been back a week already!
      Oh and thanks for posting my news on your blog! 😀

  2. I was aware of it already, but due to organising this whole Borders thing you beat me to it 😛 I’m very impressed! Takes a true dedicated fan to go out of their way to research stuff.

    ZOMG, Kent! That’s where Tommy Knight lives! *dork*

    • I know weird huh? I lived on the east side of Kent though.
      You organised the Borders thing? 🙂
      And thanks! 😀 For the compliment

      • The voucher thing yep, Borders rep was most helpful! And I think Tommy lives in the South East, too? Rochester? I heard a fan ran into him on the street the other day, lucky thing! He doesn’t get recognised often, though.

  3. Rochester’s in the North bit. That fan was really lucky, I’ve never met anyone famous but J K Rowling apparently lives a couple of streets away from me although I’ve never seen her.

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