Brand new SJA homepage

August 30, 2009

The Sarah Jane Adventures official website (www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/sja) has been updated to a newer, better and snazzier web page!

Before the change… The background was Sarah Jane’s attic door with post-it notes and and ‘micro mr. smith’ on the bulletin board. There was a to-do list of things to do around the site which included ‘get the lowdown’ with the cast, watching videos and games.

Sarah Jane Adventures new homepage

Now… As you can see for yourselves, there’s a huge image of the SJA gang and Slitheen along the top of the page. There are loads of new games (like a trailer maker, that I have yet to try out!) and character biographies!

In other news, I bought a Sarah Jane audiobook today (The Ghost House) and I’m enjoying it so far! Liz Sladen is a great narrator and the storyline is really good too.

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😀




  1. Ghost House is by far my favourite! Deathy = <3.

    • Deathy? :S Oh, that alien in Sarah Jane’s attic? I didn’t understand the part about the man locked in the house but it’s still a great story!
      Ghost House was the only SJA audiobook Borders had so I spent my voucher on it! 😀

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