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Artists of the future

September 29, 2009

This is something that’s been added today to the SJA website! It’s a lot like Blue Peter really; people can send in their artwork of aliens, characters and devices like the sonic lipstick and have them displayed on the website! The intro video has Daniel Anthony (aka Clyde Langer) explaining that his character Clyde is very good at drawing so you should send in your pictures.

artists of the future

In other news, the special SJA edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out in 2 days! I’m always able to find my issues at WHSmith’s but not any newsagents or bookshops. Just a useful bit of advice!

Finally, Sarah Jane Adventures News (or SJA news) has made it on to page 2 of Google! So if anyone searches for ‘sarah jane adventures news’, then goes to page 2, they can find this site! Thanks to all my viewers then!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😛

PS Sorry about the bad picture, I don’t have photoshop or anything and I’m not that good with computers. Anyway, it seemed to work out ok!


Series 3 trailer

September 28, 2009

Finally, there’s a series 3 trailer for the 3rd series of SJA! Good things come to those who wait I suppose…

It starts off with the same intro as the series 2 trailer, with Clyde outside Sarah Jane’s house, but they’ve got much better music this time and the trailer seems to be just for Prisoner of the Judoon, not the entire series. The big spaceship on top of some sort of building looks a bit low budget, but the rest of the trailer is great!

We’ve all been waiting for a series 3 trailer for AGES, and here it is! 

 Thanks to Nabu for letting me use the info off Sarah Jane tv. Also Doctor Who tv uk on youtube.

😀 Sarah Jane Adventures News 😀


Series 3 newsflash!

September 19, 2009

Well, I got Doctor Who Magazine today and I was really pleased that the Sarah Jane Adventures news is on page 5! They’re usually later on in the mag. Anyway, the transmission dates are as follows;

15th October Prisoner of the Judoon part 1

16th October Prisoner of the Judoon part 2

22nd October Mad woman in the attic part 1

23rd October Mad woman in the attic part 2

29th October Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith part 1

30th October Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith part 2

5th November Eternity trap part 1

6th November Eternity trap part 2

12th November Mona Lisas revenge part 1

13th November Mona Lisas revenge part 2

19th November The gift part 1

20th November The gift part 2

On the SJA page there are 2 more pictures from Prisoner of the Judoon, a large one of the team and a smaller picture of them looking at the Judoon. The second picture is the same picture as this one below but from a different angle.

The SJA team

DWM also writes that the whole series has been shot in HD, which should make viewing a lot more enjoyable, if possible! 😉

Sarah Jane Adventures News


News coming soon :(

September 17, 2009

Sorry to let people down (you can see the news at Sarah Jane tv though, the link’s on the right-hand side) but I don’t have Doctor Who Magazine yet so I can’t post any news about the exciting things going on Sarah Jane-related! And I don’t like copying off other blogs, obviously. The news will be posted here on Saturday afternoon because I’m away tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning.

Back in a couple of days!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😉


Series 3 coming soon…

September 10, 2009

Just a reminder that in EXACTLY a month, series of of the Sarah Jane Adventures is coming to the tellybox! So far, us fans know this much:

It’s starting October the 15th on BBC 1 (in the CBBC slot).

The titles of the episodes and the guest stars are under the ‘August’ section of this blog.

The Judoon, the Blathereen and the Doctor will be in it.

‘Mona Lisa’s Revenge’ was filmed at an art gallery in Cardiff, so I’m guessing the SJA gang visit an art gallery to see the Mona Lisa? The source of this info is at the bottom of this post.

I also found this on a site (the link’s also at the bootom of this post):

  • A chance for Sarah Jane to find personal happiness with someone who could be the perfect person to complete her family.
  • There will be a living painting and the inhabitants of a supposedly haunted house
  • Aliens who want to infect Earth with a strangely aggressive weed.
  • An extraterrestrial girl that can make people play games against their will.
  • An episode with the Judoon and their reptilian enemies, the Veil.
  • An episode with the Doctor.

There’s also a rumour that Maria Jackson’s coming back. In ‘The Day of the Clown’, Sarah Jane did say that Maria’s coming back for her mum’s wedding.

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😛

Sources of info:



September 4, 2009

A quick post today (it is only 7.30 -yawn), to say Sarah Jane Adventures News now has over 200 views as of Wednesday! 😀

So I suppose I should thank Nabu who’s helped me with this blog and the people who’ve found me on Sarah Jane-tv. Also kudos to anyone who accidently found their way onto this site!

In other news, the icon for the SJA homepage (the part where you have to pulklk the lever, and the icons for the shows come up on the spinny thing) has changed- again! it used to say ‘The sarah jane adventures’ with a black background, then it was a picture of Sarah Jane, and now it’s ‘The sarah jane adventures’ with a red background! Very exciting.

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😀 😀 😀


Sarah Jane coming to London?

September 2, 2009

Just like the advert for ‘See me on CBBC’ in manchester, I saw another one today for a ‘See me on CBBC’ in London! Unfortunately, I didn’t actually watch the bit where it tells us where the next event is, but i found this video about the different ‘See me on CBBC’ events. Apparently there are 9 events over 9 different venues. Maybe they’ll come to Edinburgh soon…?

EDIT: The dates are the 12th and 13th of September (Saturday and Sunday) and it’s at the Mayor’s Thames Festival. Have fun, Londoners!

EDIT 2: The information that I read about see me on cbbc was actually about 2008! So it’s just Manchester and London this year. (thanks Nabu)

The first part is about the events (but it doesn’t say where they are) and the other part is kids presenting CBBC in front of a blue screen. Enjoy!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😉