Artists of the future

September 29, 2009

This is something that’s been added today to the SJA website! It’s a lot like Blue Peter really; people can send in their artwork of aliens, characters and devices like the sonic lipstick and have them displayed on the website! The intro video has Daniel Anthony (aka Clyde Langer) explaining that his character Clyde is very good at drawing so you should send in your pictures.

artists of the future

In other news, the special SJA edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out in 2 days! I’m always able to find my issues at WHSmith’s but not any newsagents or bookshops. Just a useful bit of advice!

Finally, Sarah Jane Adventures News (or SJA news) has made it on to page 2 of Google! So if anyone searches for ‘sarah jane adventures news’, then goes to page 2, they can find this site! Thanks to all my viewers then!

Sarah Jane Adventures News 😛


PS Sorry about the bad picture, I don’t have photoshop or anything and I’m not that good with computers. Anyway, it seemed to work out ok!


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