SJA Magazine Review!

October 2, 2009

Yep, I managed to get hold of an issue of the DWM special about the Sarah Jane Adventures! Turned out my bookshop hadn’t even ordered it so I found some at WHSmith’s. I’ll keep the review short and sweet:

The cover: Is Sarah Jane standing in front of a blue starry background. And because this is a special edition, it’s all nice and shiny round the edges and on the writing.

The interview with Lis Sladen: 8 pages long. A lot of this is taken up by screenshots of the old Doctor Who series with Sarah Jane, which is quite interesting because I only started watching Doctor Who when Christopher Eccleston first became the Doctor. Here’s what she says about series 3: ‘It’s a much freer series for me this year. She’s in a happier place. There can’t be angst any more, really. She’s not so weighed down by problems with children or people in the attic. It’s lovely.’ there is a bit more, but I decided not to copy down the whole thing.

There are 10-page reviews of every SJA episode- including the first episode of series 3, Love from Raxocoricofallopatorius (Comic Relief). The original plan had been for the ambassador to turn up with his robotic cat, Kit-10 (kitten, get it?).

It also has the number of viewers watching each episode, and I put them from highest to lowest: (numbers are in millions)

Love from Raxocoricofallopatorius: 8.3

Invasion of the Bane: 2.9

The Last Sontaran part 1: 0.82

The Lost Boy part 2: 0.66

Whatever happened… part 2 and Mark of the Berserker part 2: 0.63

Temptation of SJ part 2: 0.59

Enemy of the Bane part 2: 0.56

Mark of the Berserker part 1: 0.53

Secrets of the Stars part 1: 0.52

Secrets of the Stars part 2 and Day of the Clown part 1: 0.51

Temptation of SJ part 1 and Last Sontaran part 1: 0.48

The Lost Boy part 1 and Enemy of the Bane part 1: 0.46

Revenge of the Slitheen part 2: 0.45

Warriors of Kudlak part 1: 0.42

Eye of the Gorgon part 2 and Whatever happened… part 1: 0.41

Revenge of the Slitheen part 1 and Warriors of Kudlak part 2: 0.40

Eye of the Gorgon part 1: 0.36

There are also quotes from the writers and members of the cast talking about the production of SJA. I’ve hardly put in any of the info in the magazine here because it’s packed full of all things SJA!

In other news, I found this site for pictures of SJA and Doctor Who: dwimage2005.com You have to make an account to view the pictures, but it’s all worth it. I selected a few from the site to post here, but there are loads more on the website.

This is the image that was used in Doctor Who Magazine that I couldn’t find an image for at the time.

This is the image that was used in Doctor Who Magazine that I couldn't find an image for at the time.

Rani, Luke and Clyde SJA

Rani, Luke and Clyde in an alien spaceship?

Prisoner of the Judoon alien

SJA news 😀


PS Sorry this took so long to be up here, I was held back by not being able to buy it/ being busy today and this post probably being my longest post so far!


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