Updates to the SJA website

October 9, 2009

It must be because series 3 is just around the corner, because every few days or so there’s somehting new on the SJA official website! This time it’s a video of Rani and Clyde, asking for your help finding an alien on the internet. Not entirely sure what it’s about yet as it hasn’t been launched yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open for further updates to the site!

There’s also a comic strip on the same page as the video, with Sarah Jane and Luke looking for a spaceship (I didn’t read it all) and I think it’s the events leading up to the video.

In other news, I made some great SJA artwork yesterday which I’ll load up as soon as I work out how to get my own pictures onto the computer.

And finally, I decided that ‘Sarah Jane Adventures News’ was a bit of a mouthful and took ages to type out again and again, so it’s ‘SJA news’ now. 😀

SJA news 🙂



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