Prisoner of the Judoon and pictures!

October 15, 2009

I’m making a sort of photo gallery on this post- some of the pics are from today and some are from the past week. I’ve also done a mini-review at the bottom of the post. This is my handiwork on my friend’s French translator/ calculator:

Made during a maths lesson ;)

Made during a maths lesson 😉

I found a Nissan Figaro, too!

I found a Nissan Figaro as well! There's next to no room on the back seats, I have no idea how SJ and co fit inside.

The cakes we had today in front of SJA (The cake at the top is meant to be Maria)

The cakes we had today in front of SJA (The cake at the top is meant to be Maria)

Yum :D

Yum 😀


And finally, my mini-review of today’s episode!

Acting: Lis Sladen’s acting was superb, especially when she was taken over. The others were also really good (if a little bit cheesy, but that’s part of what makes Sarah Jane Adventures so good).

Storyline: Found it a bit hard to keep up, to be honest. It was very fast-paced to start with and we had to keep rewinding so we got what was going on. The action scenes were good but a bit short. Also we didn’t like the parts with Haresh and Gita, they’re only supposed to be Rani’s parents, not get involved with aliens (they haven’t yet, but you can tell what’s going to happen in part 2).

Special effects/ computer animation: The big hole in the block of flats was far too fake, so was most of the rest, like the falling spaceship (The meteorite in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? looked better and more realistic.

The episode wasn’t as good as a lot of the other SJAs but it was still exciting and funny and brought in aliens from Doctor Who. And the evil alien (can’t remember his name) was really creepy, it was a great performance.

🙂 3.9 out of 5 stars 🙂

I’m going on holiday tomorrow and won’t be back till the 23rd (the day before the Liverpool screening!). I won’t be able to post up here but look out for my review of SJA next week and pictures from the Liverpool screening next Saturday!

SJA news


I also made a trailer on the SJ trailer maker: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/sja/funandgames/trailermaker/edit/7f8n47



  1. This is sooooo late, but this is BLOODY fantastic 😀 Your commitment to the SJA cause is clear 😛 Great pencilcase/cakes! *squee!*

    • Thanks! 😛 I’ve just got back from the station, it takes forever to get from Liverpool to Edinburgh but it was well worth it. Got my photo taken with Anjli and K-9 too. 😀

  2. […] (a very in-depth and complex review for my knowledge levels on media-age xD), which can be found here. It’s only a 2-disk boxset, however, and opinions were raised on the thread about a possible […]

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