What happened in Liverpool…

October 25, 2009

I didn’t miss out on a lot while I was away, except the Mad Woman in the Attic of course, but I had it all set to record so I watched it when we got back. At the hotel there was a bright orange drink I was addicted to which said it was called ‘Mandarin Soda’ but I think it was secretly Bubbleshock!

I was completely addicted to the stuff... :D

I was completely addicted to the stuff... 😀

And now on to the uber-cool special screening I went to yesterday in Liverpool! I can remember most of what happened, so I’ve done a little diary here…

3.30am Woke up. I thought I’d overslept at first and my alarm hadn’t gone off properly or something but it was all fine, obviously.

6am Collected my friend from her house. It was still pitch black but at least we were in a car and not walking to Waverley station.

7am Train left the station. Bored bored bored bored bored for 3 1/2 hours. I had my new issue of Doctor Who magazine which I found (finally!) at the station, though.

10.30am The train arrived in Lime St. I had been hoping for lime trees or something related to limes (they’re my favourite fruit) but it turns out the station’s named after the limestone.

11am Found the ODEON centre! But we weren’t really sure what to do with the tickets and the lanyards and everything. Then someone in a CBBC t-shirt told us to come back in a couple of hours. We found more CBBC people inside startbucks, so maybe the organiser people don’t have coffee backstage?

11.30am Really bored, so we came back and saw Danny (Anthony) doing photos with people! But by the time it was my turn he’d gone so we decided to come back to the photos later. However Anjli gave me a signed postcard then went to do photos so we ran to get in line! She’s really nice and treated me like she’d known me for ages! (Sorry about the bad quality photo of a photo)

I'm on the right :)

I'm on the right 🙂

12.45pm We mooched around for a bit, then when Danny came to the signing desk I got my photo card signed by him. 

1pm Stood first in line for the 1.30 screening. Tried to get my card signed by Tommy but just before we reached the front of the queue he got taken away, presumably to do the question and answer session at the end of the 12pm screening.

1.30 We went in! There were goody bags on our seats (a pen, a keyring, a questionnaire, a puzzle booklet and some SJA info and postcards. It was quarter to 2 by the time the actual episode started because they’d shown us upcoming shows on CBBC first.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane was the best episode of the series yet! Found it easy to keep up but it wasn’t slow paced. I’ll wait until Thursday to reveal the storyline… But it basically starts off with Sarah Jane sneaking out again and Luke, Rani and Clyde know something suspicious is going on. And SJ’s new man seems really suspicious, too. We only saw the first part of it though and the Doctor is only at the end of it.

Then there was a Q&A session with the gang (minus Lis Sladen) and things we found out were…

1. Danny supports Chelsea, Anjli supports Nottingham forest and Tommy doesn’t support any football team (he said he’s more into drums and skateboarding)

2. Before they did SJA, Anjli was in a nativity play (she told us she said ‘open sesame seed’ instead of ‘open sesame’), Tommy was in a KFC advert and Danny was in Casualty.

3. The characters don’t actually go inside the TARDIS but the actors did.

 Unfortunately I can’t upload my sound recording of the Q&A (very bad quality anyway) but I’m working on it.

After the screening we queued up again to where Danny and Tommy were sitting signing people’s photos but the queue was cut off where we were standing. CBBC t-shirt people were handing out ready-signed postcards, though. So now I have all 3! 🙂

It's hard to see them both but Tommy is just behind Danny on the bench

It's hard to see them both but Tommy is just behind Danny on the bench

We weren’t too keen on going on a green (grey) screen and we wouldn’t get the DVD before we left anyway because the train back was at 4pm so we went to Primark because there’s not one in Edinburgh yet. The train took 3-4 hours to get home and I spent the rest of the evening watching Day of the Clown. Today I blu-tacked everything I collected yesterday to my bedroom wall so I can show it off proudly! 😛

In other news, the SJA site now has a video all about K-9 and how to control him. The site is on the blogroll (to the right). And if you click on Luke or Clyde there’s part 1 of the video cam diaries. Rani’s profile has part 2.

This post took AGES to put up so sorry about that. Don’t forget that the Wedding of Sarah Jane is on at 4.35pm on Thursday and part 2 same time on Friday.

SJA news 😀 😛 🙂




  1. What an exciting read! You’re a fabbity writer! So awesome that your friend got to go with you! You got to see the cast more than I did, and even got signed goodies! 😛 We got most of the questions you did, interesting that Tommy bought up his interest in drums for the first time! We now know he likes Halo 3, skateboarding and that! 😀

    • I already knew he liked skateboarding because when I searched for ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ on the BBC website it came up with a video from February 2008.
      I’m definitely going to the next SJA thing unless it’s in the middle of my exams or something. 😉
      And thanks for the compliment! 😀

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