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November 28, 2009

That’s how many views we have (and over)! I was going to do a ‘1000 views’ celebration but 1111 is a much better number. 🙂

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of SJA news, just for this occasion:

Excluding this post, there are 50 posts on this site.

The best-or busiest- day was October the 29th, SJA news got 74 views!

SJA News was founded on June 6th- it’s been going for almost 7 months now.

As I now have both DVD boxsets (finally), I’m doing a review of them both in the form of a comparison, so it’s a 2-in-1 review. I’ll be marking a winner or a loser on each category and seeing which wins at the end…

Front and back cover- Series 1 is more like a journalist’s notes at the back, and shows all the characters and some of the aliens on the front. However series 2 is more modern (and pink) but only has Kaagh and no Maria.

Winner: Series 1

Amount of SJA goodness- Although both boxsets have the same amount of episodes (338 minutes), series 1 has the episodes spread over 4 disks and series 2’s are in 3. Is bigger better? Not in this case- 2 of series 1’s disks only have an hour’s worth (excluding the special features) of Sarah Jane Adventures, and it seems a bit pointless to me.

Winner: Series 2

Special features- Series 1 has wayyy more special features than series 2- this is where the extra disk comes in handy. However series 2 has some of series 3 on disk 3 and the special features are better than series 1, like a behind-the-scenes video instead of just pictures.

Winner: Series 2

Episodes- The toughest question! There are no very weak episodes for series 1, but for series 2 there are a couple that just aren’t as strong as series 1’s. Plus, series 1’s finale is amazing compared to Enemy of the Bane.

Winner: Series 1

Official reviews- Amazon Uk reviews give both boxsets 4.5 stars, although series 1 has 26 reviews and series 2 just 8. So because series 1 has more people giving it 5 stars than series 2…

Winner: Series 1

Which makes series 1 the better boxset! To be honest, I have enjoyed watching the 1st series to the 2nd series, and I watched series 2 before series 1.

😛 SJA News 😛


Back to the headlines…

November 22, 2009

I’m back! My exams are over (for a few months) and I can come back to SJA news to start writing again. 🙂

Series 3 of SJA is over but it finished with the best finale yet, in my opinion. A really good plot, plenty of goo and Sarah Jane’s ending speech tied all the loose ends together. Luke was back to his old vulnerable self he was in series 1 and Clyde and Rani actually make a great team. 5/5 for acting, 5/5 for special effects. T’was the best episode yet! And that isn’t the rest of the behind-the-scenes footage yet; there are still 2 monsters left in the monster hunt to be unlocked and I’m hoping they’re both videos.

Today is Memorablia in Birmingham so whoever’s going, you’re very lucky! Unfortunately I’m (obviously, because I’m writing this now) not going but I’m hoping to go to the next event, as long as it’s in the UK. 😛

In other news, I finally have the series 1 and 2 boxsets, which make up quite a collection with all the souviniers from Liverpool.

SJA news 😀


/\ Looky here! /\

November 9, 2009

SJA news has had a slight makeover! After fiddling around with the appearance, I’ve ended up with a green title instead of the un-SJA-related red one, and a nice picture of the series 3 gang. Still working on changing the entire top part to a more professional picture but what we’ve got is fine for now. 🙂

The Eternity Trap? I’ve done another of my mini-reviews down here, much the same as Prisoner of the Judoon:

Storyline: A really creepy horror story but with no blood or violence. Definitely a story which made a lot of prople (including me) shrink further and further away from the tv! An old creepy house in the middle of nowhere with stuff flying around the room and weird red eyes peeking out from the bushes? Scary. One of the bad points, though, was the excuse for Luke not being there. Apparently he was playing chess with Haresh (Rani’s dad) for the day while SJ, Rani and Clyde were off investigating. It wasn’t the most convincing excuse, but at least they did explain Luke’s absence.

Acting: Really good. A lot of Clyde’s jokes were laugh-out-loud funny, especially the ‘it’s him oar us!’ Rani was funny too but not as good as she was in the Wedding. I think that was due to her lines, though, not the actual acting. Lis, as always, was great. 🙂

Mona Lisa’s revenge is on Thursday and looks MUCH better than Eternity Trap, with a less confusing storyline and more chase scenes.

In other news, my entry to the Bubbleshock competition at was 4th place. Slightly sad that I didn’t win anything but I still did well, I’m being optimistic about it! 😀

SJA news 🙂


More updates to the SJA website

November 4, 2009

A lot’s happening over at the official SJA site (see blogroll)! First off there’s the monster hunt that I’ve already written about. There are also…

New videos for the characters, like Tommy and Danny’s tour round the outside of the set and another one with Anjli and Danny.

Artists of the future is up and running with loads of fan art sent in. There’s a great hand-drawn one of all the aliens in the ‘Aliens’ area.

Alien Panoramic is a photos archive, with pictuees opf all the series 3 aliens in the background and new images of the Eternity Trap available to click on.

And there are foldeez Blathereen and Trickers to print out and fold together and an alien mask to make, with an intro by Luke.

SJA news 🙂


Happy 800 views!

November 2, 2009

As of yesterday, SJA news has 800 views! Thanks so much to everyone who’s looked at this blog, had a good nose around or just clicked on it by accident. I had been saving this special treat for the 700 view mark (a week ago, can you believe!) and it still isn’t finished but I’m posting the first part up here now. I’ve attempted to write out the question and answer session at the 1.30pm showing of the Wedding of SJ in Liverpool, however a lot of things have held me back and I didn’t think anyone should wait any longer so here’s part 1 of the Q&A:

Man:Ok, now we get to meet the cast! You just seen them on the big screen, now you can throw at them any questions you like about what they do in their private lives, what they do at work, let me introduce one by one. Please welcome Clyde- Danny! Oh, this is Anjli, who plays Rani, ok let’s have Danny? And here comes Tommy, who plays Luke and now Danny is Clyde, finally. Cheeky monkeys.

Ok, it’s over to you, you can ask anything you want. Who’s gonna be first? What’s our first question?


Anjli: Did you all enjoy it?


Man:Was it fun being in the movies? Now of course you’re movie starts now.

Tommy:Oh yeah.


Tommy:We’ve gone up in the world. But yeah! It was unbelievable, it’s ridiculously unbelievable.

Man:Do you all love it?

That’s as far as I’ve got so far with transfering the whole thing but I hope everyone enjoyed that little snippet of SJA goodness there! 😉

On a final note, due to my exams (prelims- I think they’re like SATs in England and I’ve got one on my birthday 😦 ) I have to do loads of revision etc so I won’t be able to update SJA news as often as I was a couple of weeks back. I’ll still be updating here, just not as often.

SJA news 😛