Happy 800 views!

November 2, 2009

As of yesterday, SJA news has 800 views! Thanks so much to everyone who’s looked at this blog, had a good nose around or just clicked on it by accident. I had been saving this special treat for the 700 view mark (a week ago, can you believe!) and it still isn’t finished but I’m posting the first part up here now. I’ve attempted to write out the question and answer session at the 1.30pm showing of the Wedding of SJ in Liverpool, however a lot of things have held me back and I didn’t think anyone should wait any longer so here’s part 1 of the Q&A:

Man:Ok, now we get to meet the cast! You just seen them on the big screen, now you can throw at them any questions you like about what they do in their private lives, what they do at work, let me introduce one by one. Please welcome Clyde- Danny! Oh, this is Anjli, who plays Rani, ok let’s have Danny? And here comes Tommy, who plays Luke and now Danny is Clyde, finally. Cheeky monkeys.

Ok, it’s over to you, you can ask anything you want. Who’s gonna be first? What’s our first question?


Anjli: Did you all enjoy it?


Man:Was it fun being in the movies? Now of course you’re movie starts now.

Tommy:Oh yeah.


Tommy:We’ve gone up in the world. But yeah! It was unbelievable, it’s ridiculously unbelievable.

Man:Do you all love it?

That’s as far as I’ve got so far with transfering the whole thing but I hope everyone enjoyed that little snippet of SJA goodness there! 😉

On a final note, due to my exams (prelims- I think they’re like SATs in England and I’ve got one on my birthday 😦 ) I have to do loads of revision etc so I won’t be able to update SJA news as often as I was a couple of weeks back. I’ll still be updating here, just not as often.

SJA news 😛



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