More updates to the SJA website

November 4, 2009

A lot’s happening over at the official SJA site (see blogroll)! First off there’s the monster hunt that I’ve already written about. There are also…

New videos for the characters, like Tommy and Danny’s tour round the outside of the set and another one with Anjli and Danny.

Artists of the future is up and running with loads of fan art sent in. There’s a great hand-drawn one of all the aliens in the ‘Aliens’ area.

Alien Panoramic is a photos archive, with pictuees opf all the series 3 aliens in the background and new images of the Eternity Trap available to click on.

And there are foldeez Blathereen and Trickers to print out and fold together and an alien mask to make, with an intro by Luke.

SJA news 🙂




  1. where are all the aliens

    • The point of the Monster Hunt really is that you look around the internet so you can show you have ‘what it takes to be a part of the SJA gang’. I’ll give you a tip though: When you’re looking for them, the aliens are never right at the top of the page, they’re usually at the bottm left or right hand side. 🙂

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