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November 9, 2009

SJA news has had a slight makeover! After fiddling around with the appearance, I’ve ended up with a green title instead of the un-SJA-related red one, and a nice picture of the series 3 gang. Still working on changing the entire top part to a more professional picture but what we’ve got is fine for now. 🙂

The Eternity Trap? I’ve done another of my mini-reviews down here, much the same as Prisoner of the Judoon:

Storyline: A really creepy horror story but with no blood or violence. Definitely a story which made a lot of prople (including me) shrink further and further away from the tv! An old creepy house in the middle of nowhere with stuff flying around the room and weird red eyes peeking out from the bushes? Scary. One of the bad points, though, was the excuse for Luke not being there. Apparently he was playing chess with Haresh (Rani’s dad) for the day while SJ, Rani and Clyde were off investigating. It wasn’t the most convincing excuse, but at least they did explain Luke’s absence.

Acting: Really good. A lot of Clyde’s jokes were laugh-out-loud funny, especially the ‘it’s him oar us!’ Rani was funny too but not as good as she was in the Wedding. I think that was due to her lines, though, not the actual acting. Lis, as always, was great. 🙂

Mona Lisa’s revenge is on Thursday and looks MUCH better than Eternity Trap, with a less confusing storyline and more chase scenes.

In other news, my entry to the Bubbleshock competition at SARAH-JANE.tv was 4th place. Slightly sad that I didn’t win anything but I still did well, I’m being optimistic about it! 😀

SJA news 🙂




  1. Dude, you were one of the best writers! And were it only a writing competition, you’d totally have come second, though for me personally you’d have been 1st 😉

    Love the makeover! Also, hope you don’t mind – I’ve put you on our Links page 😀

  2. Hooray! Thanks 🙂
    I’m definitely entering next time there’s a competition

  3. hi i set up a blog last June called SJA i really like this site and i noticed you have a links section if you were to feature my blog in these links i would happily put yours on my links section my URL is http://www.sarahjaneadventuresnewspage.blogspot.com

    Please reply soon Thanks!!!

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