* 1111 *

November 28, 2009

That’s how many views we have (and over)! I was going to do a ‘1000 views’ celebration but 1111 is a much better number. 🙂

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of SJA news, just for this occasion:

Excluding this post, there are 50 posts on this site.

The best-or busiest- day was October the 29th, SJA news got 74 views!

SJA News was founded on June 6th- it’s been going for almost 7 months now.

As I now have both DVD boxsets (finally), I’m doing a review of them both in the form of a comparison, so it’s a 2-in-1 review. I’ll be marking a winner or a loser on each category and seeing which wins at the end…

Front and back cover- Series 1 is more like a journalist’s notes at the back, and shows all the characters and some of the aliens on the front. However series 2 is more modern (and pink) but only has Kaagh and no Maria.

Winner: Series 1

Amount of SJA goodness- Although both boxsets have the same amount of episodes (338 minutes), series 1 has the episodes spread over 4 disks and series 2’s are in 3. Is bigger better? Not in this case- 2 of series 1’s disks only have an hour’s worth (excluding the special features) of Sarah Jane Adventures, and it seems a bit pointless to me.

Winner: Series 2

Special features- Series 1 has wayyy more special features than series 2- this is where the extra disk comes in handy. However series 2 has some of series 3 on disk 3 and the special features are better than series 1, like a behind-the-scenes video instead of just pictures.

Winner: Series 2

Episodes- The toughest question! There are no very weak episodes for series 1, but for series 2 there are a couple that just aren’t as strong as series 1’s. Plus, series 1’s finale is amazing compared to Enemy of the Bane.

Winner: Series 1

Official reviews- Amazon Uk reviews give both boxsets 4.5 stars, although series 1 has 26 reviews and series 2 just 8. So because series 1 has more people giving it 5 stars than series 2…

Winner: Series 1

Which makes series 1 the better boxset! To be honest, I have enjoyed watching the 1st series to the 2nd series, and I watched series 2 before series 1.

😛 SJA News 😛



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