A Christmas message from SJA News

December 26, 2009

I’m writing this in the car on the way down to London (I’m posting it once I have access to the internet). Who’s looking forward to all the Christmas tv tomorrow, and Christmas itself?! We’ve got Sarah Jane, Doctor Who and loads more great tv but seeing as the rest of what’s on is un-SJA-related, I’ll leave it at that.

As a Christmas/ Holiday season treat, I’ve devised a little quiz for my fellow SJA-uberfans! The episodes in capital letters are the episodes the answer’s in. Most of the questions are intermediate, but I’ve stuck a couple in there that you’ll have needed to watch really closely to know!

1)      What age does Clyde say he’ll be when he can get his head put in a robot and live forever? EYE OF THE GORGON

2)      Who is the youngest member of the gang? ALL EPISODES

3)      What’s showing on the tv just before Sarah Jane watches the news and finds out Luke has real parents? THE LOST BOY

4)      How many holiday specials has The Sarah Jane Adventures had? Not counting Doctor Who today, if SJ does appear in it (hopefully). ALL EPISODES

5)      What number is Sarah Jane’s house in most of the episodes? ALL EPISODES

6)      Clyde picks up an object in Sarah Jane’s house and asks if it’s from space. Where does Sarah Jane say it’s actually from? REVENGE OF THE SLITHEEN

7)      What is the slimy alien called that’s ‘not trouble, just a nuisance’, and that Rani and Clyde chase along Bannerman Road? MARK OF THE BERSERKER, THE WEDDING OF SARAH JANE

8)      Where did Rani used to live before Ealing? THE MAD WOMAN IN THE ATTIC

9)      What shoes does Sarah Jane wear almost all of the time, even on her date with Peter? ALL EPISODES

10)   Who has been covered in goo the most, from the most to the least? (including Maria) REVENGE OF THE SLITHEEN, ENEMY OF THE BANE, THE GIFT

Answers coming on New Year’s! Please don’t comment with your answers so as not to give stuff away to other quiz-takers. Hope everyone enjoys it!

😛 SJA News 😛


This was meant to be posted Christmas day, obviously, but I never got round toit, being Christmas and all… anyway, the quiz isn’t out of date or anything so I’m posting this up anyway! 😉


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