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Meet Tommy Knight at Telford!

January 31, 2010

Yup, something’s actually happening around these parts now! Tommy Knight’s doing a Q&A session (no Anjli or Danny unfortunately) along with an autography session at the MCM Midlands expo event in Telford. Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) from Harry Potter will be there as well. Seems like an odd mix- Harry Potter and Sarah Jane Adventures..

There’s also a rumour that Lis will be there, too, but there’s been no mention of this on the actual site. 🙂 Here’s the link:

It’s on the 20th February and the opening times are:

Saturday:11am to 5pm
(Last ticket sale 4pm)

Saturday: 9.30am to 5pm
(Last ticket sale 10.55am)

(I’ve posted them up here because I had trouble finding them myself, t’was Phoenix123 on Gallifrey Base who found the info, thanks Phoenix123 🙂 )

I’ll be in London on the 20th so I can’t be there 😦 but anyone who’s able to go, have fun there!!

I know everyone knows who Tommy is, thought it'd be nice to have a picture though 😉

In other news, I’m posting the fanfic I did for’s Bubbleshock competition up on today! (as in Sunday. It is 1.15 lol) I was hoping to get it up yesterday but there’s a 2-day wait after making an account before you can upload anything. Will post link when I upload it but that will probably be in the evening as I’m pretty busy tomorrow. I mean today! 😀

Thank you to Rarewolf on Gallifrey Base for finding out about the Midlands Expo!

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The Bill and the Boxset

January 21, 2010

The Bill was, in a word- amazing. It’s the best acting I’ve seen Tommy Knight do, and they managed to keep the episode pretty clean, despite the topic it was about. :L I was thinking of doing a mini-review for the episode, but seeing as it’s not SJA I won’t, I’ll just say I hope I get to see it again, and on a proper screen next time! (I had to watch it on itv Player on my little netbook screen. I’m glad I got to watch it at all, though!) Moving on..

The dates for the series 3 boxset on Amazon and Play are closer together now; Amazon is 18th October and Play’s date has changed to 8th November. So still no confirmed date, but I’ll keep checking the sites!

And finally, tomorrow is Tommy Knight’s birthday! SJA just wouldn’t be the same without Luke, so happy birthday Tommy! 🙂

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Series 3 DVD?

January 10, 2010

It’s a bit confusing as to when the series 3 boxset is actually coming out; Play are still saying the 25th of January, however on Amazon you can preorder it for the 18th October. Play’s date is very optimistic, but I think we’re probably going to be let down. :L October sounds more believable and it’s around the same time series 1 and 2 were released last year and in 2008. We’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂 Plus, Amazon’s price for the boxset is cheaper than Play’s. (by 1p lol)

The series 1 and 2 boxsets: What will series 3’s look like? We didn’t find out series 2’s until mid-October last year!

Remember, don’t miss Tommy Knight’s appearance in The Bill, January 14th, 9-10pm on itv. (it’s not really the same age group as sja, just so you know)

EDIT: I just checked my tv and found out we don’t get The Bill in Scotland.. Football Years or something is on instead. D:< If you have the chance to watch it, make sure you use it! I’ll have to watch it online I suppose. Grumble grumble…

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‘The End of Time’ ratings in!

January 4, 2010

Quote from the Gallifrey News Base:

10.4 million people watched the final part of The End of Time on BBC One yesterday, according to unofficial overnight figures.

The programme got a 35.5% share of the total television audience and was the second most watched programme of the day.

So 10.4 million people were watching SJ and Luke! A lot of people were bound to think ‘what show are these people in, then?’ and this’ll maybe boost SJA’s ratings? I hope so. 10.4M is way more than Invasion of the Bane (2.9M) and From Raxocoricofallopatorius with Love (8.3M). Those ratings were taken from the Sarah Jane Adventures magazine special, the full ratings are at the bottom of this post.

Sarah Jane and Luke watching the Doctor wave at them 😉

The source continues:

The rating makes the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration the most watched regeration in the series’ history.

Doctor Who was also available on BBC HD where a further 389,000 watched the episode.

So in total that’s about… 10.789M people watching Doctor Who with SJ and Luke? Apologies if I’ve got ^^that wrong, maths isn’t my strong point. 😛

Gallifrey News Base also has some graphs of viewers at different times of the episode etc, the link’s at the bottom of this post but I don’t know if you need to sign in or not 🙂

In other news, we’ve moved up in the world! On Google, SJA News appears as the 5th result when you search for ‘sarah jane adventures news’! So please keep the views and the comments coming in, they really mean a lot to me and every little helps.

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A few things you should know..

January 3, 2010

How did everyone get on in the quiz? I hope I didn’t make it too hard/ too easy! And I’m sorry that if people are coming on to this site, they saw the answers before the questions, I should’ve thought about that. 😛

Sarah Jane and Luke were in Doctor Who, after all. If you didn’t catch it, the link to iPlayer is at the side >> (58:10)

When checking all the cast’s wikipedia sites, I found out that Tommy Knight is starring in The Bill on January 14th! I couldn’t see anyone else from the SJA gang starring in anything new this year. Except of course, SJA. 😛

You may have noticed that the blogroll’s been growing steadily over the past few weeks. A link from the ever-growing blogroll, ‘The other SJA News’, is now going to the correct site (I had a mistake in the address before).

That’s all from me today!

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Quiz results :P

January 1, 2010

1)      40. ‘Not me. By the time I’m 40, I can get my brain put in a robot and live forever!’

2)      Luke. Although he looks 15-ish, he’s really 4 years old today.

3)      A cooking programme. I have no idea why it switched to the news when Sarah Jane couldn’t find the remote, but oh well!

4)      1. Invasion of the Bane, the pilot episode, was shown on New Year’s Day 2007. The rest of the first series was Autumn 2007. The Comic relief episode wasn’t shown on a holiday, but if you’ve got both of them then that can count.

5)      13. Although in a lot of series 3 the house was number 26. In the series 2 trailer, Clyde’s voiceover was ’13 Bannerman Road is where Sarah Jane Smith lives!’

6)      Venezuela. ‘Is this from outer space?’ ‘No, Venezuela’

7)      Travis Polon. In Mark of the Berserker, Sarah Jane’s chasing it round a hospital, and she says ‘I’m going to get you, Travis Polon!’ Apologies if I’ve spelt it wrong. If you have anything similar then you still get a point!

8)      Danemouth. Rani goes back there to meet up with her friend Sam in The Mad Woman in the Attic.

9)      Her long black boots. There are only a few times I haven’t seen her in them, and they include right at the end of Invasion of the Bane and her wedding.

10)   Clyde (3), Luke (2), Sarah Jane, Maria and Rani (1). At the end of The Gift, Clyde does say ‘Why does this always happen to me?’

How did you do? See how SJA-crazy you are with this scale:

8-10: You’re completely addicted to the show!

5-7: You probably watch the episodes a couple of times each, you’re pretty casual about it.

Less than 4: Do you even watch this show? The quiz wasn’t that hard, was it?

In other news, today is the 3- year anniversary of Invasion of the Bane, if I’ve worked that out right. Not including 2007, this is the 3rd New Year’s Day since The Sarah Jane Adventures first aired. Hooray! 😛

SJA News 🙂

Doctor Who’s just beginning- let’s hope Sarah Jane and Luke are in it!