Quiz results :P

January 1, 2010

1)      40. ‘Not me. By the time I’m 40, I can get my brain put in a robot and live forever!’

2)      Luke. Although he looks 15-ish, he’s really 4 years old today.

3)      A cooking programme. I have no idea why it switched to the news when Sarah Jane couldn’t find the remote, but oh well!

4)      1. Invasion of the Bane, the pilot episode, was shown on New Year’s Day 2007. The rest of the first series was Autumn 2007. The Comic relief episode wasn’t shown on a holiday, but if you’ve got both of them then that can count.

5)      13. Although in a lot of series 3 the house was number 26. In the series 2 trailer, Clyde’s voiceover was ’13 Bannerman Road is where Sarah Jane Smith lives!’

6)      Venezuela. ‘Is this from outer space?’ ‘No, Venezuela’

7)      Travis Polon. In Mark of the Berserker, Sarah Jane’s chasing it round a hospital, and she says ‘I’m going to get you, Travis Polon!’ Apologies if I’ve spelt it wrong. If you have anything similar then you still get a point!

8)      Danemouth. Rani goes back there to meet up with her friend Sam in The Mad Woman in the Attic.

9)      Her long black boots. There are only a few times I haven’t seen her in them, and they include right at the end of Invasion of the Bane and her wedding.

10)   Clyde (3), Luke (2), Sarah Jane, Maria and Rani (1). At the end of The Gift, Clyde does say ‘Why does this always happen to me?’

How did you do? See how SJA-crazy you are with this scale:

8-10: You’re completely addicted to the show!

5-7: You probably watch the episodes a couple of times each, you’re pretty casual about it.

Less than 4: Do you even watch this show? The quiz wasn’t that hard, was it?

In other news, today is the 3- year anniversary of Invasion of the Bane, if I’ve worked that out right. Not including 2007, this is the 3rd New Year’s Day since The Sarah Jane Adventures first aired. Hooray! 😛

SJA News 🙂


Doctor Who’s just beginning- let’s hope Sarah Jane and Luke are in it!



  1. Hi like the site loads but why doesnt the other sja news go anywhere i am the owner of the other sja news and i have put you up correctly in my links section please return the favour and fix the link thanks and keep working on this brilliant site!

  2. The URL is http://www.sarahjaneadventuresnewspage1.blogspot.com

    • hi there,
      sorry, I never put the 1 in the address! My bad. I’ll correct it. I thought I’d tested it when I put the link up, I’ll update that now and check it again. 🙂
      Thanks for putting me up on your blog!

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