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Excuses, excuses..

February 28, 2010

Well, there hasn’t been any news lately, so you can’t blame me for not posting!! 😛

However, I’m still writing the new story (coming along slowly), I’m planning on getting up another quiz on here, maybe a character quiz?? And, obviously, I’m not off to LA, should have something about that, I’m hoping. However I did find another video, it’sa song that I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard before. Enjoy!! 🙂

And I didn’t think I could keep this from you guys:

SJA News 🙂


Gatecrashing :P

February 8, 2010

I know it’s taken a while, but I have good news- I finally figured out (with A LOT of help) how to change the file type and upload to! I’ve given my story 8 chapters- it was edited down a lot to fit the 3500-word limit for the Bubbleshock contest, I have added some of it back on but if it looks a bit rushed, keep that in mind 😛

Here is le link:

Enjoy!! And sorry for the wait and me not keeping my promise :/

Update: I’m currently ‘thought-showering’ ideas for another story, just something to look forward to if my first story is any good. Feedback please! 🙂

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Lis Sladen’s birthday!

February 1, 2010

Quick post here (will be edited when I’ve sorted the story thing out) just to say:

Happy Birthday Lis! Doctor Who and SJA never get old! 😛

I know I said I’d put the short story up yesterday and I did but I have no idea how to work (you guys should know how rubbish I am with computers- I can only really do the basic things on here) and it’s uploaded but I can’t categorise it or find the page for the story without going on the editing page. I’m working on it, sorry to let you down 😦

SJA News 🙂