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Filming for series 4 :D

March 28, 2010

The filming for series 4 starts TOMORROW, Monday 29th, in Wales (supposedly). So if you’re in the area, maybe have a little stroll around Penrith! πŸ™‚ I was considering going down there myself but I don’t think I can. However there will almost definitely be photos on here, from whatever sources I can find.

In other news, SJANews (youtube) is #96 in most subscribed this month (reporters). Yay.. I doubt there are many reporters on youtube though!! Still, it’s an award that I can proudly display on the page. πŸ™‚
Edit: This has now changed to #98. Or I just misread it.

More from me soon,

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We HAVE expanded!!

March 19, 2010

This must be the only time I’ve ever kept a promise I made on here!! Just uploaded the video literally minutes ago, it’s all working and everything (though kinda short) so I hope everyone enjoys it!! I have never uploaded a video to the net before so this was quite an experience for me. πŸ˜€ I’ll stop rabbiting on now, I’m just happy and excited because it’s working!! I hope YouTube doesn’t take it down because of copyright and everything but this video has been okay for months. πŸ™‚
The link is in the sidebar but I’ll use my new skills so you can just click here!

The other story (which hasn’t really taken off yet; I’m only about 3 paragraphs through :S) I’m writing has kinda been put at a halt because one of the bad points about keeping a blog when you’re 15 is that school gets in the way and I have Standard Grade exams coming up, unfortunately they come first so I won’t be writing any short stories. πŸ˜₯ But I will still be writing SJA News!!

I know I haven’t posted for nearly a week. But there is honestly NO NEWS. When there is I’ll be only too happy to post it up. πŸ™‚

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D’you want the good news or the bad news?

March 17, 2010

People usually start with the good news but I’ll start with the bad news. That way you feel better when you get to the end of this post because you’ve just finished reading the good news, and you’ve slightly forgotten the bad news. So anyway. πŸ™‚

The bad news: Remember this post? Digital Spy have announced today that Roy won the award for Best Children’s Drama over The Sarah Jane Adventures. So that’s another award that SJA has been nominated for but not won! Well, there’s always next year.. πŸ˜₯

The good news is about the YouTube thingy. I’ve managed to get the voice clip and start making it into a video (with pictures yay!) and it should be ready by the weekend. Be warned, though- the quality is atrocious (sorry if that’s spelt wrong) so I’ve done something similar to subtitles; it should turn out fine. And sorry it’s so belated!! πŸ˜€

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We’re expanding..

March 15, 2010

I made a youtube account to go with SJA News, so I can upload videos that I tried (and failed) to upload straight to here. The only video I have plans to upload so far is my sound recording of the Q&A from the convention in Liverpool, however I need to make that into a video first!

Don’t get your hopes up for anything soon (you should know how bad I am with computers) but the link to the account is in the sidebar.
And yes, I should have made a post about the new look to SJA News, as you can see it’s all changed!! I thought it wasn’t a big enuogh deal to have its own post so here it is, combined with the youtube thingy. πŸ™‚
Obviously this blog is a lot more customised now; I wanted a banner/header and for a day there was a picture of a random street up the top!! It wasn’t a glitch, I want to apologise for that if you saw it, I was playing around with the themes and forgot to change it back to the white/grey theme.
And finally, I can do something I’ve wanted to know how to do on here for ages.. teehee
SJA News πŸ˜€


Writers for series 4

March 4, 2010

Series 4 really seems to be moving along now; the writers have been announced (Thank you TheNobleOne?) for a fourth series of Sarah Jane and here they are:

Gareth Roberts

Phil Ford

Rupert Laight

Joseph Lidster

Clayton Hickman

I searched high and low on Wikipedia and found this:Β  (copy and paste if it doesn’t come up in blue) it doesn’t have a full list of the writers for all episodes, but it has a little information. I think Clayton Hickman wrote the Comic Relief episode :/

And thank you to SillyTilly for this:

Nikki Wilson on SJA Series Four
‘I can promise lots more thrills, scares and fun with enemies old and new, including the terrors of the Nightmare Man, the sinister Shansheeth, our first visit to an alien world, and even a dangerous trip back into history’.

In other news, there are going to be 2 more series of SJA!!!!! News on here:

Also, I know this is very belated but I watch it for the first time today: Paris and the Goddesses in the Greek Myths section on BBC Switch, with Tommy Knight (Luke). A bit confusing but it’s very good πŸ™‚

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SJA Nominated for RTS!! :D

March 1, 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures has been nominated for a RTS (Royal Television Society) award for children’s drama!! It’s up against MI High and Roy. Personally I don’t really think MI High stands much chance, however Roy is a quality TV show.. not as quality as SJA though! πŸ˜›

From the booking form:

Tickets are Β£169.00 (+Β£29.58 VAT) per person

Doesn’t look like I’ll be going, then! 😦 But I’m sure I’ll hear from the website or from Gallifrey Base how they’ve done, this is the third year they’ve been nominated, so they’d better win!!

Thank you to Timeboy on Gallifrey Base, Digital Spy and the RTS website for all that info. Links, as always, are at the bottom of the post.

SJA News πŸ™‚

Royal Television Society:

Digital Spy article:

And Gallifrey Base is on my blogroll.