We’re expanding..

March 15, 2010

I made a youtube account to go with SJA News, so I can upload videos that I tried (and failed) to upload straight to here. The only video I have plans to upload so far is my sound recording of the Q&A from the convention in Liverpool, however I need to make that into a video first!

Don’t get your hopes up for anything soon (you should know how bad I am with computers) but the link to the account is in the sidebar.
And yes, I should have made a post about the new look to SJA News, as you can see it’s all changed!! I thought it wasn’t a big enuogh deal to have its own post so here it is, combined with the youtube thingy. 🙂
Obviously this blog is a lot more customised now; I wanted a banner/header and for a day there was a picture of a random street up the top!! It wasn’t a glitch, I want to apologise for that if you saw it, I was playing around with the themes and forgot to change it back to the white/grey theme.
And finally, I can do something I’ve wanted to know how to do on here for ages.. teehee
SJA News 😀


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