Ealing and the Early Boxset (aka filming and something about a boxset)

April 1, 2010

So early this morning (as in 1am :p), I was told on Gallifrey Base that the series 3 boxset would be coming out on May 10th 2010!! I was halfway through a post with A LOT of exclamation marks when I noticed the date- 1st April.. I’m so gullible. 😀
But the point I’m telling you this is because this led me to look on Amazon for the series 3 boxset and it is actually on there!! But it’s coming out October, like the past couple years. Better late than never! Well, not really late, but late in comparison to May!! 🙂
Series 4 filming has been going on for a week now (if you haven’t read the last post or for some reason, SJA isn’t right at the front of your mind and you’re not uber excited about this), and I haz a list of location-ness (not sure if this is completely true or not):
Llancaiach Fawr
Barry Island
Forte’s cafe
Station Terrace

I hope this is okay to use 😉 thankyou to this thread for that.

I’ve advertised Gallifrey Base so much in this post. 😀

And finally, unfortunately Lis Sladen is leaving SJA to co-star in the next series of Desperate Housewives. The BBC are currently looking for a replacement lookalike for Sarah Jane. The promo poster for the next series of DH:

(click for bigger but pixelated size)

Happy April Fool’s!




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