April 8, 2010

(updates + spoilers = ‘sup-dates hehe)

‘Sup. I haven’t posted for a week, but good things come to those who wait, and I haven’t checked any other blogs so far today (they’ve probably got all this news already) so this is coming straight from Gallifrey Base (as usual). 😀

In SFX magazine, Nikki Wilson revealed that (SPOILERS):
1) Season 5 will see a new regular character joining the gang.
2) Androvax is returning, as are the Raxacoricofallapatorians.
3) A classic Doctor Who character may be crossing over.

Thankyou to Crom on GB and sorry for the unimaginative copy and paste. 🙂

There’s loads of filming news from Timeboy on here.

And also apparently, *cough, someone is leaving end of series 4. 😥 But I don’t know if it’s confirmed yet or anything so I will say no more. 😉

Oh and Happy belated Easter everyone!!

SJA News 😦



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