2000 :D

April 24, 2010

I passed 2,000 views without even noticing and only discovered yesterday when we were at 2020-ish!! So maybe this should be a 2020 views post. But to be honest, for other, way more successful blogs, 2,000 views is probably not such an achievement but it means a lot to me. ^_^’

So anyway, seeing as whenever something really good happens to me (like the 1111 views, or Christmas day), I do a treat! 😀 So without further ado, here’s a nice jigsaw for ya. (And yes, I did steal this idea off Life, Doctor Who and Combom but hopefully they wont mind..? 🙂

The picture is by the lovely ’20th century boy’ on Gallifrey Base 😛
(I couldn’t make anything as good, so it was hardly going to be my picture xD)

And that’s about it! A quiz coming soon.. maybe. I could do one when SJA News reaches 2,222 😛

Ohh, final thing- YouTube took my little virtual rosette away! I think because I’m not in the top 100 most subscribed reporters any more 😥 I should at least get something there to say I had an award-once. Ah well, what can you do.. 😉

SJA News 😉




  1. me, mind? 🙂

    np :0

  2. […] were close. And I was sure 2,000 was sometime in August, so I scrolled down the page and found the 2,000 views post from April!! 2,000 views feels like yesterday Well not yesterday, but week..er…day? Is that […]

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