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SJA Website wins a Welsh BAFTA!

May 24, 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures website has won a Welsh BAFTA for Most Interactive. Personally I think they’ve really earned it- I’ve had bag o’ fun on that trailer maker and the alien hunt (complete with hidden videos), so kudos to them! 😀

Best Interactive

shh, that definitely says 2010 on it!

The GB thread is here, thanks to Timeboy!
Doctor Who and Torchwood have also earned themselves a few more BAFTAS than SJA 😛

T’will be all from me tonight!

SJA News 😀

PS Got the whole QuickPress/ no linky words thing sorted out. I am such a computer whizz. 😀 *being really, really sarcastic*


(belated) Filming News

May 23, 2010

Soo I’d never checked the “On Location” Fan Reports thread on GB* before really, because there’s another thread that sums up all the good news in there and I’d just use the news out of that thread. ANYWAY. I found a pile of news from the lovely people who post stuff in the Fan Reports thread!! 😀 I put ‘belated’ in the title because I only just found this and it’s a couple of weeks old.

Oh and I should say… SPOILERS!

Thank you!! To nestle49 for finding this video of filming:

Also notice- who’s missing? 😦

And more over at GB* 🙂

WordPress isn’t letting me upload photos from a link so here are links to 2 photos:

Photo 1:
Photo 2:

Thanks to RACOONMAN for those.

And finally, this is very old news but I haven’t written about it before. Lis Sladen is going to have an autobiography! Linky here:

That’s all from me at the mo, I’ll keep a lookout for any more news, should it crop up!!

SJA News 😛

PS My last few posts have been very unprofessional and the reason for that is that I’m having to use QuickPress instead of normal posting, because when I try to make a normal post it posts it onto my old blog. So no more cool blue linky professional-looking words for a bit. 😦 At least I can actually post though!! 😀

* GB = Gallifrey Base


A wee update

May 15, 2010

I know I haven’t really been updating, but I will try and scout out more news after Tuesday when my exams finish (at last!!). So keep a lookout here after Tuesday!! 🙂
In the meantime, I went and favourited loads of filming videos from The Nightmare Man on YouTube, also I should say, from the search results that have been coming in, you’re right 😦


Tommy Knight at Collectormania!

May 4, 2010

Another short post (sorry) but I’ll make sure all the news is in here, just really concentrated!! 😛
On Gallifrey base there was this thread about Tommy Knight being at Collectormania, Friday 28th to Monday 31st May. I won’t be going (I don’t seem to go to anything, really.) because A, I’m pretty convinced it’s not my kind of thing, B there’s 1 person there who Ive actually seen in anything (I don’t watch much sci-fi) and C, it’s in Milton Keynes, which is practically London, which is 7-ish hours away. Thankyou to Timeboy for that. 🙂
this post is so short because I have 2 maths exams tomorrow and I’m all math’d out. And it’s so badly written because I’m dying of tiredness here. 😉
Hopefully some slightly better-written work coming your way soon.

SJA News 😛