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July 7, 2010

This isn’t a news post, sorry 😦
What I’ve decided to do for the 1-year birthday of SJA News is to make it better! But I need to knw what to make better in order to make it better (I’m getting confuzzled here..)
Anyway so I made a really really short (promise) survey with my mad computer skillz and I will be really really happy if you could do it, they’re short questions and it’s in a pretty pink aswell! 😀
Click here to take survey
And because it’s the Summer now and because you did the survey (if you did) then you’ve done something nice for me, I found a fanfiction that looks really good (I’ve only read chapter 1 so far so not sure how ‘safe’ it is being a 13+ romance) but it’s Summer-holiday related so it’s here, enjoy 😀

SJA News 🙂




  1. love sja !!!!

  2. Hi. I’m the writer of the fanfic you’ve found, and I thank you for advertising it here. Infact, I’d like to mention that this is the first of six stories all set in summer. And the reason it’s 13+ is because there are small mentions of sexual inuendo. There are no sort of rude stuff in the stories. There.

    • I read the rest of it the day I posted it up here, I loved it 😀
      There are 5 more?! I’m going to go find these 😀 😀

      • There is going to be Five more. At the moment, I’ve only finished the first one and am halfway through the second. However, the rest are going to coming dribbes and drabs throughout the rest of the year. And once they are finished, I’m writing a sequel series. It’s a sort-of AU from the end of Series 3.

      • that sounds so awesome 😀 I can’t wait!

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