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News Drought

August 30, 2010

Hello, readers! I was away on holiday for over 2 weeks, came home all ready for some news-writing and find the Gallifrey Base forum dead due to something in a chat thread, I’m not sure O.o anyway, it’s back now but to my disappointment, there aren’t forums bursting to the seams with juicy news. Except for a few filming pictures, investigator Sarah has come back empty-handed. 😦
Oh, well there’s another novel to add to the mysterious book thing!! (‘Novel 1’-what are you?)
And as I’m sure you’ve read, there’s a games competition for the SJA website that has written about.
One last thing- have you heard of Chameleon Circuit? I’m getting Deja-vu about writing about them for some reason.. They’re a Trock (timelord rock) band and they’re made of awesome. I linked to Journey’s End because SJ and Luke are in it.. don’t want to go too off-topic! 🙂

Ahh, I need help 😦 So if you hear anything, or any rumours, leave me a comment, or if you want your blog in the blogroll 🙂
A month and a half(ish) to go 😛

SJA News 😉