Smashing, splendourious, SJA series 3.. Boxset.

September 14, 2010

Last time I wrote to you, I gave you some fan-made boxset covers to admire. Today, however, I have something for you to really gawp at: the actual series 3 boxset, with huge thanks to Blogtor Who 🙂

(hope it’s okay to use the picture, couldn’t find another, BD)

It’s due to come out on November 1st, plenty of time before Christmas but still pretty far away!! I’m planning to get it on my birthday (November 16th) so I can do a review of the boxset a few days after that.
If you remember, I did a review of Prisoner of the Judoon the day it was aired (a very in-depth and complex review for my knowledge levels on media-age xD), which can be found here.
It’s only a 2-disk boxset, however, and opinions were raised on the thread about a possible lack of special features.
My opinion, though? I just like the fire. 😀
And finally, this little gem 🙂
SJA News 😛

For supplying me with that amazing cover, I’m linking to Blogtor Who’s..
And I made a trailer, the music didn’t work so it’s just video 🙂 here


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