Tuesday Q&A with SJ

September 19, 2010

Since almost a year ago, I’ve been wanting another thing like this to happen. And today (well, 2 days ago. But I only found out today) it happened. On 12th October, 8pm (Tuesday), Death of the Doctor, the Sarah Jane Adventures episode with Doctor Who in it, is being shown early, very similarly to last year’s Wedding of Sarah Jane. This time, it costs money and is in London instead of Liverpool.
The post, from Doctor Who news Page, is
>> here <<

Also, ages back, when i made a post about Katy Manning, Jo Grant and The Doctor, I admit I knew nothing about Classic Doctor Who. Jo Grant is the character, Katy Manning is the actress, I've just found out today.
If I can't to this, being on a Tuesday, I will be sad. 😦
Read the Sarah-jane.tv article here
SJA News :/



  1. This won’t be thattttt big, but I am looking forward to seeing SJA on a proper cinema screen instead of s cheap standard definition projector. πŸ˜›

    You’re not alone on the Jo Grant/Katy Manning stuff πŸ˜› I totally made that mistake at first xD

    • Was it on a projector in Liverpool? :/
      Things aren’t looking too good with going to this, living in edinburgh and it being on a tuesday.. 😑

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