The Post of Pictures

September 27, 2010

Last Thursday, 6 new Sarah Jane pictures were released, I’ve been super-busy with schoolwork (it’s only the beginning of the year. what) until today which is why this is a little late. Nevertheless, here are all the pictures from series 4 in one post, click on the pictures for a (much) bigger picture 🙂

I should probably say here: (possible) SPOILERS!!!

The first 2 have already been seen:

Either very good screenshots or more promo images:

which isn’t, as I had first thought, a zoomed-in version of this:

(I need to know where the costume department get their clothes from, I’d wear all their outfits. Seriously)


Big big thankies to NurseBoy on Gallifrey Base (click name for link to the photo page on dw image 2005)

Also, a second trailer has been released, thankyou to sarah-jane.tv for this, otherwise I wouldn’t know anything about it:

I’ll leave on a sad note: I’m not going to be able to go down to London for the advance screening and Q&A, it being on a Tuesday and me being an 8-hour train journey away. If any readers are going to it, a comment or a Twitter (see sidebar) would be really appreciated so I can still do a summary/pictures on it 🙂

SJA News ^_^


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