Page Rage

September 30, 2010

Don’t diss the title, it was the best I could think of, okay? xD

So for the past couple days, I’ve been working on pages for SJA News. The first was one I saw as a necessity, because I realised it was pretty hard to contact me about anything other than commenting. So the ‘contact’ page, under Pages in the sidebar, has every way I can think of (within reason ;)) to contact myself about any news or anything, really 🙂
My second page is still a little scruffy round the edges; it took a while to get all the links in, but it’s working fine. 🙂 It’s called ‘Merchandise’, and it’s a nice list of all the merch I can think of at the moment. Added after a lot of searches were concerning the DVDs and Death of the Doctor (which will be an ebook, we know from sarah-jane.tv). It’s still nowhere near complete; remember these?

Also, Elisabeth Sladen is doing an autograph session (The Co=Ordinator writes that it’s an extra to the Q&A on Tuesday the 12th, which tickets are sold out for, the Q&A I mean, not the extra thingy). The Gallifrey Base thread is here, the website here and the charity it’s raising money for here. 😛
Head over to sarah-jane.tv for news about series 4 plot synopsises if you haven’t already, and that’s all from me today!
SJA News 😛


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