Pictures! TMi! Countdown! Ahh!

October 9, 2010

(there seems to be some sort of Sarah Jane bonanza goin’ down on iPlayer, but you know, meh.)
First things first. I started making a post, with 6 days to go till series 4, about there being 6 days to go until series 4. After the first sentence, I realised that was pretty stupid and decided to wait until there was some actual solid news to write about. Friday comes and BAM! a friend texts me saying the Sarah Jane Adventures gang are on the Cbbc channel! Lolwut? So there was me, jumping up and down at a certain The Nightmare Man preview! (there are also less members in Scouting For Girls than I had thought from listening to the music, may I just add.)
And now today, as I’m casually going through the Photoshop Thread, I noticed a few new-looking pictures.. so literally 10 minutes ago (finding TMi on iPlayer excitement took a wee bit of time), I discovered this goldmine:

More goo!

and just quite a few more over here. 😉

Now, at the time of writing this post, there are 2 days, 1 hour left to go..

Part One:
Oct 11 at 17:15 on CBBC
Oct 13 at 16:30 on BBC Two

Part 2 will air:
Oct 12 at 17:15 on CBBC
Oct 14 at 16:30 on BBC Two

And it’ll be on the iPlayer.

Then watch the rest of the series because it’s absolutely fantastic.

Tell the world you’re attemding here.

Aaaand that’s about it, I’ll post pictures, trailers, whatevers up as soon as I find them. Thinking of another nerdy wee party/ fairy cake eatathon followed by a review.. we’ll see 😛

SJA News 😀


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  1. Hi guys, long time that I didn’t come to check your website for a while.
    Just wanna say Hi! So how are u guys? Your website is looking better.

    I like the way is have a lot of space that nice and clean. I’ll come by to say hi again, soon. See ya.

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