October 13, 2010

(sorry for the late edit with the picture, super busy)

Ok, I’m just going to put this out there: there was a definite lump in my throat at the end of Sarah Jane today.. and the music really didn’t help.

Yesterday (I started writing this Tuesday), with intentions of baking fairy cakes and icing them, much like last year:

My friend Eilidh and I got slightly sidetracked.. we were on the way to the newsagent’s down the road, when we noticed some mannequins. Yep. Like these. Behind a huge bin. Took a couple of photos, then went on to the newsagent, bought sweets (and an Irn Bru slushie.. only in Scotland :P), went back to the bin, picked up one mannequin each and ran. Well, I’d like to say ran, but we were carrying a heck of a load of sweets. We walked briskly.) So yeah. The reason why we never iced the fairy cakes awesomely and gave them faces or anything is because we randomly found mannequins behind a bin.

Opinion of The Nightmare Man? It was weird. Really well done, they could’ve thought of a better way of beating him though. I still don’t really get how they defeated him O.o The episode moved fast and felt like they’d crammed the important stuff into the second episode and the less important stuff took up more time. Other than that, though, all positives- the acting was amazzing and the Nightmare Man was so creepy! He seriously freaked me out; and the fact that we didn’t see his face until the party added so much dramatic effect *shudder*
I was so convinced I would cry at the end; Luke’s my favourite character (I know, it’s mean to have favourites, yadda yadda) and this had better not be the last time we see him.

Short (but sweet? *hopeful*) review, I’ll leave you to make up your own minds about the episode. To celebrate 4,000 views (because of a record 98 views yesterday (Tuesday)), I’ll be making a quiz on The Nightmare Man, or the first 2 episodes. As in The Nightmare Man and next week’s episode.

That be all from me,
SJA News šŸ˜€


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