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November 23, 2010

New post coming tomorrow hopefully, I’m still to watch the finale (I’m betting it’ll be really good) so I’ll review it and try to get in a series quiz 😉


Long time no see..?

November 5, 2010

Let’s start with an apology: I am sorry for not reviewing, posting or updating you with episodes, opinions and news.
Now that that’s out of the way, what a series!! (I mean the apology, not the series) We’ve had Androvax back, some weird Vulture things who call themselves the Shansheeth, The DOCTOR and an empty city with Robots! However I haven’t been taking as much interest in this series as the last one; no racing home (I’ve actually been forgetting about it :O) or second watchings (so far). Which is weird because it genuinely is a really good series..
The Vault of Secrets (with Androvax) didn’t make complete sense to me, but because of this, I was pretty much glued to the screen making sure I understood everything I could. I guess there was so much information and mystery in the beginning that just gave the ‘whaaaaat?!’ factor. It needs a second watching, great episode though. 🙂
I don’t really feel Death of the Doctor needs much said about it to be honest; such a strong episode. The one thing that did annoy me was Sarah Jane and Jo Grant’s need to hug in every scene xD I guess it could show the bond between them after such a short time or something :/
The Empty Planet is a strange one. I loved part 1 soo much; there’s something about situations that will never happen; zombie acopolypses, what happened in 28 days later, empty planets, that people (or certainly I) would secretly like to happen. In a dream, at least 🙂 So because of this, the scenario in part 1 I LOVED. It was just when part 2 was watched I started disliking it; part 1 had such a good flow and part 2 was just rushed and had the feeling that there’d been this huge build up, everyone’s disappeared, to the climax being finding the ‘son and heir’.
I’m still to check the Sarah Jane Adventures website to see if anything’s interesting’s happened, and Gallifrey Base is slightly dead at the mo :l
The finale’s coming out on my birthday, pretty chuffed ^_^ and for mon anniversaire I’m maybe getting the series 3 boxset, so more reviews! Yay
Now I’ll end this post with a bit of a brag, so I may have met a few YouTubers at the weekend.. ^_^

ta-dahh, charlieissocoollike 😀

That be all from me,

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