Guess Who’s Back ;)

December 2, 2010

So I don’t really have an excuse for not posting and I don’t think an apology justifies my absence 😦 I’m still to watch the finale (:O) and I need to get the series 3 boxset, you can buy it here 🙂
SJA was nomiated for a Children’s BAFTA, the site’s a bit confuddling (for me) but they didn’t win, according to the scrolly bar at the top. Maybe I’m just not a kid anymore or kids have some bad taste, because the only winner I’ve seen is Club Penguin xD The page is here.
Tommy Knight’s going to be in series 5! The GB thread’s here 😛
Head over to sarah-jane.tv for a load of interviews.
I won’t be able to update much for a while; I will if there’s news but I’m off to New Zealand (woo!) for almost a month, with no internet access. How I’ll survive I have no idea whatsoever..

SJA News 😛



  1. On the Children BAFTA front, SJA lost out to Tracy Beacker Returns, though it was Series 3 that was going up for the awards (Hopefully next year, Series 4 will win).
    Oh, and on a previous comment on a older post, the new character in Series 5 is a 13 year old blonde girl and that’s all we know for the moment.


    Man I was just trying to find stuff out about this and stumbled in on your blog 😀 Thank the doctor for that, cuz now I’m happy as can be! 😀 YAY!! I was so sad when I saw the last episode of 4 =(

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