3 is the magic number

December 12, 2010

Or not so magical in this case.. DVD case..

Today my friend came round to drop off my birthday present; I was expecting your typical teen girl, cupcake-themed birthday present but no. He got me..

The SJA series 3 boxset ^_^
rawr rawr

So that not only means I can watch now 3 serieses (is that a word? :/) of SJA when I’m on holiday where they probably don’t have BBC. I can also do a blog post on all 3 boxsets 😀
Compare and contrast yo!

In a previous post about the series 3 boxset, the picture had a sticker thing on it with writing about The Doctor and I didn’t know whether that was a sticker or printed on, like the ‘from the creators of Doctor Who’ thing on the series 1 boxset. Thankfully it’s a sticker; mine lives on the back of my phone 🙂

If my phone had feelings I don't know whether it would be happy to have David Tennant on its back or sad because I kinda watercolour painted over it O.o

my fingers so skeletal there.. I’m normal I swear xD .. @_@

Annnyway so on with the reviews! 😀

With the first and second boxsets I didn’t see an issue with the number of disks; series 1 has a mega 4 disks, while series 2 has 3. However they both have the same amount of footage and special features. I didn’t think this would be any different with series 3; opening up the box to see just 2 disks made me a bit doubtful but I remembered series 2 had special features on every disk.

The series 3 episodes are crammed into 2 disks; each disk is the same with 3 episodes. With both series 1 and 2 there are just 2 episodes on each disk (except for the Invasion of the Bane (series 1) disk as it was a special episode, therefore pushing The Lost Boy into a fourth disk on its own) which can be annoying if you need to switch disks and wait for the 2Entertain and BBC bits to pass.

Menu and Special Features
I watched a bit of The Wedding of SJ to begin with, and the quality seems meh. It’s been a while but I’m sure the definition was better on BBC HD when it aired than on the DVD. The first disk’s menu is very simple; play all, episodes, set up. The second disk is a bit better; it has a special feature; an extract of The White Wolf audiobook. I didn’t listen to it; I will buy the audiobook sometime but I don’t want to listen and get left on a cliffhanger. And that’s it for special features of series 3. With all the behind-the-scenes videos the offical website (see blogroll) is brimming with, you’d think they could have put a couple of them up. Series 2’s special features are spread through out the boxset- a quiz takes you to the Comic Relief Special and there’s interviews riddled in there too. Series 1 even has outtakes.

Coolness of Boxes
My favourite actual box is definitely Series 1. It’s like Mr. Smith opening up, it’s so cool. Series 2 comes in second, it’s a lot more Sarah Jane’s attic-y with magnifying glasses and photos. The Series 3 box has a normal, 2-disk DVD case inside the main cover and the design is exactly the same on both the cover and the DVD case. Inside it has the photos like on Series 2 but nothing like a collage.

Bottom Line
All three boxsets are obviously great; it’s Sarah Jane Adventures!! xD I love the series 3 boxset, don’t get me wrong, but the total lack of special features and the apparent lack of effort put into the actual boxset was a bit of a letdown. Nevertheless, I’m sure these disks will be a great boredom-buster for the plane. Good present for a friend who’s a fan of the show 🙂

Lastly, did a wee search just now and found this:

So now I don’t have to learn techy stuff to upload what I recorded 😀

Unless there’s some big news between now and Friday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! And if you were reading SJA News a bit earlier in the year, thank you for breaking my views record 🙂

SJA News 🙂



  1. There is going to be big SJA news this week. The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine (Out on Thursday) will have the cast details for Series 5.

    • Thank you 😀 😀
      Going to be soo rushed to get that up, might have to post at the airport or something XD

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