Page Rage

September 30, 2010

Don’t diss the title, it was the best I could think of, okay? xD

So for the past couple days, I’ve been working on pages for SJA News. The first was one I saw as a necessity, because I realised it was pretty hard to contact me about anything other than commenting. So the ‘contact’ page, under Pages in the sidebar, has every way I can think of (within reason ;)) to contact myself about any news or anything, really 🙂
My second page is still a little scruffy round the edges; it took a while to get all the links in, but it’s working fine. 🙂 It’s called ‘Merchandise’, and it’s a nice list of all the merch I can think of at the moment. Added after a lot of searches were concerning the DVDs and Death of the Doctor (which will be an ebook, we know from sarah-jane.tv). It’s still nowhere near complete; remember these?

Also, Elisabeth Sladen is doing an autograph session (The Co=Ordinator writes that it’s an extra to the Q&A on Tuesday the 12th, which tickets are sold out for, the Q&A I mean, not the extra thingy). The Gallifrey Base thread is here, the website here and the charity it’s raising money for here. 😛
Head over to sarah-jane.tv for news about series 4 plot synopsises if you haven’t already, and that’s all from me today!
SJA News 😛


Favourite Fan Art

September 28, 2010

As always when new pictures come out, Gallifrey Base is abuzz with photoshop’d pictures, which are, usually, better than the originals! Here are my favourites (this is turning into Blue Peter) and I’ll link to the thread at the bottom.

These pictures are both by Hazz (I thought they were by 2 different people when I uploaded them xD) and I hope it’s okay to put these up 🙂

He's got the whole world in his hands 🙂 darn, now that's stuck in my head..

Also, I’ve noticed are lot of searches are about whether Tommy Knight’s leaving the show or not.. I don’t want to give away spoilers to those who don’t want them so the answer is end of this post.

The thread be here

Sorry for the short post, I felt like making one and it’s better than nothing, yeahz? 🙂

SJA News 😛

Quote from Kuyoyo’s comment, I think it’s better than what I had 😛 :

About the Tommy Knight leaving rumours. He’s playing a reduced role for Series 4, appearing in just the first two-parter, a webcam appearance and a further two-parter of which one of them is the finale. And we know his part in the gang is being filled by guest characters throughout the series and rumoured to be the same for series 5 as well.


The Post of Pictures

September 27, 2010

Last Thursday, 6 new Sarah Jane pictures were released, I’ve been super-busy with schoolwork (it’s only the beginning of the year. what) until today which is why this is a little late. Nevertheless, here are all the pictures from series 4 in one post, click on the pictures for a (much) bigger picture 🙂

I should probably say here: (possible) SPOILERS!!!

The first 2 have already been seen:

Either very good screenshots or more promo images:

which isn’t, as I had first thought, a zoomed-in version of this:

(I need to know where the costume department get their clothes from, I’d wear all their outfits. Seriously)


Big big thankies to NurseBoy on Gallifrey Base (click name for link to the photo page on dw image 2005)

Also, a second trailer has been released, thankyou to sarah-jane.tv for this, otherwise I wouldn’t know anything about it:

I’ll leave on a sad note: I’m not going to be able to go down to London for the advance screening and Q&A, it being on a Tuesday and me being an 8-hour train journey away. If any readers are going to it, a comment or a Twitter (see sidebar) would be really appreciated so I can still do a summary/pictures on it 🙂

SJA News ^_^


Tuesday Q&A with SJ

September 19, 2010

Since almost a year ago, I’ve been wanting another thing like this to happen. And today (well, 2 days ago. But I only found out today) it happened. On 12th October, 8pm (Tuesday), Death of the Doctor, the Sarah Jane Adventures episode with Doctor Who in it, is being shown early, very similarly to last year’s Wedding of Sarah Jane. This time, it costs money and is in London instead of Liverpool.
The post, from Doctor Who news Page, is
>> here <<

Also, ages back, when i made a post about Katy Manning, Jo Grant and The Doctor, I admit I knew nothing about Classic Doctor Who. Jo Grant is the character, Katy Manning is the actress, I've just found out today.
If I can't to this, being on a Tuesday, I will be sad. 😦
Read the Sarah-jane.tv article here
SJA News :/


Smashing, splendourious, SJA series 3.. Boxset.

September 14, 2010

Last time I wrote to you, I gave you some fan-made boxset covers to admire. Today, however, I have something for you to really gawp at: the actual series 3 boxset, with huge thanks to Blogtor Who 🙂

(hope it’s okay to use the picture, couldn’t find another, BD)

It’s due to come out on November 1st, plenty of time before Christmas but still pretty far away!! I’m planning to get it on my birthday (November 16th) so I can do a review of the boxset a few days after that.
If you remember, I did a review of Prisoner of the Judoon the day it was aired (a very in-depth and complex review for my knowledge levels on media-age xD), which can be found here.
It’s only a 2-disk boxset, however, and opinions were raised on the thread about a possible lack of special features.
My opinion, though? I just like the fire. 😀
And finally, this little gem 🙂
SJA News 😛

For supplying me with that amazing cover, I’m linking to Blogtor Who’s..
And I made a trailer, the music didn’t work so it’s just video 🙂 here


Taking The Trailer To Tinies

September 8, 2010

Have you ever been completely sure something happened really recently, but it actually happened months back?! Like the last day of term feels so long ago but also really recently. The reason I say this is because I was checking SJA News’ views (as I do every time I log on, I’m that dedicated ^_^ ..No, I’m just deperate =) ) and we were at over 3,000, without me even noticing we were close. And I was sure 2,000 was sometime in August, so I scrolled down the page and found the 2,000 views post from April!! 2,000 views feels like yesterday 😦 Well not yesterday, but week..er…day? Is that a word? Sorry for rambling. 3,000 views, people! 😀

So proud that I actually took a screencap. =)

Anyways, it’s been a little disappointing in that for a minute there I thought I was doing weirdly well, then I realised that 1,000 views in about 5 months isn’t that good at all, and I could really be doing more work for SJA News. Soo here’s my attempt at seriously working hard at this: A short trailer and pictures are out of series 4 now, we’re expecting to see a longer, 2 minute trailer in a couple weeks but for now here is the 30-second trailer: At 0:01 is Sarah Jane hugging who I think is Katy Manning (have never seen Katy Manning in anything so I can’t really tell) 0:02 looks like the monster right at the end of the monster hunt, just tripled!! Ahh! 0:04 (and a halfish second) are the cybermanny/transformers men there are more pictures of here 🙂 0:05 is The Doctor!! On this website (which has amazing spoilers and sja-nerd-worthy-goodness on it), it says there’s an SJA book coming out called ‘Death of the Doctor’, I’m thinking regeneration..? 0:06 is a Shansheeth:

A Shansheeth, aka an oversized turkey.

..and that’s just a very small taster of series 4! 😮 This picture has also been released: The Blathereen are due to return, as are the Slitheen, and from the picture we can see Androvax, the Shansheeth, a ‘Veil’ and the Graske. Also, a picture of the upcming series 4 boxset has been released: No I’m kidding, that’s the work of SillyTilly on the Gallifrey Base photoshop thread, just fantabbytastic =) The whole thread is abuzz with edits of the only photo we have at the moment; purple, blue and black-and-white, but this is my favourite: And if anyone else has a wordpress blog and it’s being weird, you’re not alone! So hard to post, so sorry if this is a bad finish =) All for now, SJA News 🙂 sarahjaneadventuresnews.wordpress.com


News Drought

August 30, 2010

Hello, readers! I was away on holiday for over 2 weeks, came home all ready for some news-writing and find the Gallifrey Base forum dead due to something in a chat thread, I’m not sure O.o anyway, it’s back now but to my disappointment, there aren’t forums bursting to the seams with juicy news. Except for a few filming pictures, investigator Sarah has come back empty-handed. 😦
Oh, well there’s another novel to add to the mysterious book thing!! (‘Novel 1’-what are you?)
And as I’m sure you’ve read, there’s a games competition for the SJA website that sarah-jane.tv has written about.
One last thing- have you heard of Chameleon Circuit? I’m getting Deja-vu about writing about them for some reason.. They’re a Trock (timelord rock) band and they’re made of awesome. I linked to Journey’s End because SJ and Luke are in it.. don’t want to go too off-topic! 🙂

Ahh, I need help 😦 So if you hear anything, or any rumours, leave me a comment, or if you want your blog in the blogroll 🙂
A month and a half(ish) to go 😛

SJA News 😉